This page provides links for resources on teaching physics as follows:

Links to PER resources.

Links to lessons, activities, labs, physics clip art, online videos and/or multimedia lessons.

Links to online lecture courses with notes and solved problems from colleges and high schools.


MIT Physics Open CourseWare
A free and open educational resource (OER) for AP Physics educators.

National Repository of Online Courses
Interactive lessons with notes, solved exercises, homework problems and labs. Includes AP Physics B and AP Physics C courses.

The Physics Front: K-12
ComPADRE is a network of Physics and Astronomy education resource collections for communities of students, faculty, and the public.

AP Central: Physics Web Guide
The AP Physics Web Guide includes links to lecture notes for every single topic of the AP Physics (B and  C) curriculum.

Andrew Duffy. Boston University. Fall Semester
Andrew Duffy. Boston University. Spring Semester
Lecture notes for undergraduate algebra/trig level physics course.
Each topic includes sample problems.

Frank Wolfs. Physics Fall semester
Frank Wolfs. Physics Spring  semester
Lecture notes for calculus level physics courses. Every topic includes sample problems.

Schoolphysics by Keith Gibbs
Physics resources for students and teachers: includes background information with examples of applications of physics, problems and experiments. A CD is available for purchase.

SMILE Program Index
A collection of over 200 single concept lessons. These lessons may be freely copied and used in a classroom.

IUN/FYDE Introductory Physics Notes
University of Winnipeg
All topics covered in the AP Physics B curriculum. These lectures
are very theoretical with very few problems.

Physics 20 Note-A-Rific
Physics 30 Note-A-Rific
Bryan Clintberg's Note-A-Rific.
Short and clear explanations with neat diagrams and step-by-step problem solution.

AP Review Sessions
Catharine Colwell from Mainland High School
Good reviews with background material and examples for all topics
of AP Physics B.

HyperPhysics from Georgia State University
Very comprehensive website with concept mapping including notes
on all physics topics, illustrations and example problems.

The Open Door Website
Great mini-notes on each unit of the AP Physics B curriculum. Good graphics and illustrations. Does not include sample problems.

Dr. Michael G. Strauss's Lecture Notes
Giancoli's Chapters 1-12 in pdf format.

University of Florida
Electricity and Magnetism slides.

PHYSICS eLectures I
PHYSICS eLectures II
Hewitt's Conceptual Physics lectures  by Joseph F. Alward

Succeed in Physical Science by Ron Kurtus
Neat, straightforward review notes at a college prep level for every topic in AP Physics B.

How Things Work: Fall Session
How Things Work: Spring Session
From the famous book: 'How Things Work: The Physics of Everyday Life' by Louis Bloomfield. All lectures are in pdf  format.

Physics In Context: An Integrated Approach
Web resources including links to tutorials, applications of concepts
and interactive websites. Still under construction.

From ComPADRE: Resources for physics education research.

Scientific Abilities Kits by Rutgers University
Excellent downloadable kits with Multiple Representations, Design Experiments, Video Problems and other tasks.

Research-Based Instructional Strategies
Links for instructional strategies for introductory physics courses based on research into teaching and learning.

Investigative Science Learning Environment provides tools for teachers in a constructive environment.

Interactive Learning Toolkit
Division of Engineering and Applied Sciences at Harvard University
This website helps you implement innovative teaching ideas, such as Peer Instruction and Just-in-Time-Teaching, and to monitor your students' learning.

A2L: Assessing to Learn Physics
University of Massachusetts Amherst: Formative assessment resources: multiple choice questions searchable by topic and level (middle school to graduate).

Modeling Instruction
Arizona State University:  modeling in high school physics.

Resources for Modeling Instruction
Action Research, Resources, Equipment

IOP Institute of Physics
Detailed ideas and resources for teaching high school physics.

Physics Applets resource page.

BQLearning: Better Questioning for Learning
Open Source Physics Resources, Physlets® , and other Science Applets

Electricity and Magnetism tasks Inspired by Physics Education Research

The Physics Suite: Peer Instruction Problems
The problems can be sorted by subject and they are stored as PDF files.

Next-Time Questions Link 1
Next-Time Questions Link 2
Compilation of conceptual physics questions written by Paul Hewitt.

Cooperative Group Problem Solving
University of Minnesota  problem solving resources.

Real-world problem index downloadable in pdf.

Activity Based Physics
University of Maryland Physics Education Research Group
Linking concepts to problem-solving

Workshop Physics
Project resources at Dickinson College.

AP Physics sharing site (wiki) managed by Paul Lulai and Bill Taylor. Contains hundreds of excellent resources including labs, demos, class notes, power points, problems, etc. Free downloads!

The Mechanical Universe
From the Annenberg Media.  These videos are viewable free of charge through Windows Media  Player.

UNSW in Australia: Excellent mechanics individual video clips and animations.

Physics Videos
St. Mary's High School, NY
Wake Forest University: Demonstration videos
Berkeley University: Videos and downloadable diagrams of demonstartions

Physics Win or Physics Fail?
Use your knowledge of physics to put these videos to the test!
Great collection by Frank Noschese

Insultingly Stupid Movie Physics
This page rates movies on the basis of how they handle physics concepts. It explains the selected scenes in detail.

Small collection of videos

Physics Clip Art for Teachers
Wisebridge Learning Systems
Free downloadable illustrations for all areas of Physics.

Physics Test/Lecture Drawings
Free resources from the  Physics Instructional Resource
Association (PIRA). Just copy & paste.

Electric Circuit Diagrams
Free downloadable software to create circuit diagrams, flow charts.

Physics Equations and Constants
Easy access to a great compilation of equations and constants.

Graph Paper I
Downloadable graph paper in several versions.
Graph Paper II
Another great site to find quality downloadable graph paper.
Create a Graph
Create bar, pie and line graphs online and then print them or
save them as jpg files or copy them to a Power Point.