The practice of problem solving is critical in Physics courses. The use of web technology for this purpose can help students develop and hone their problem solving skills.

The links below include multiple-choice questions and problems that can
be used for review purposes.

The  links below correspond to textbook companion websites that contain interactive problems, quizzes or multiple choice questions:

Prentice Hall Textbooks
The textbooks below contain the same algorithmically-generated
practice problems, Physlets and MCAT practice questions (multiple choice format).
Physics : Principles with Applications, 5e
Physics : Principles with Applications, 6e
Physics: An Introduction, 1e
Physics: An Introduction, 2e
Wilson and Buffa:
College Physics 4e
College Physics 5e

Thomson & Brookscole Publishers:
Includes tutorial quizzes.

Cutnell and Johnson: 7e
Includes: self-assessment tests, interactive solutions and interactive problem solving

Halliday, Resnick, Walker: Fundamentals of Physics, 6ed
Includes: interactive problem solving and quizzes

Tipler: Physics for Scientists and Engineers 5e
Includes: interactive concept tester.

Physics Problems
University of Oregon. Problems on: Basic Concepts, Mechanics, Thermal Physics, Electricity and Magnetism

Wisebridge Learning System for Physics
1000 concept and question slides.

Multiple Choice Interactive
Mirror site for the Science Education Centre. Contains sets of problems in Mechanics and Electricity.

Q Physics by Physics Lessons
Contains sets of multiple-choice problems and ranking tasks with immediate feedback. Just click on the Q Physics links at the top of the webpage.

Mainland High School by Catharine H. Colwell. There are good lecture notes and interactive exercises and questions.

The following sites are not interactive in nature but are a very good sources of multiple-choice questions:

Physics Regents Exams
Excellent source of multiple-choice style questions. Tests and Scoring Keys available from 1997-2008

The AAPT PhysicsBowl
Tests from 1994-2005 of the Physics Bowl Examination. All sets include 45 multiple-choice questions. Great for practice!