Peggy Bertrand from Oak Ridge
Excellent materials by a master teacher! Downloadable Class Notes
and Power Points for AP Physics B and AP Physics C.

PHYZ  Homepage: Dean Baird
Rio Americano High School
The Book of Phyz  contains worksheets, problems and conceptual questions in pdf  files. New links on teacher workshops.

Paul Lulai AP Physics B
Saint Anthony Village Senior High School
Excellent review materials, lab resources and more!

Physics at  BHS
Mr. Stanbrough's Physics courses at Batesville HS with excellent activities, sample problems, quizzes.

Schober's Physics from John Burroughs School
Modeling approach for teaching Physics

Physics: Jim Keefer
Brockport High School Science Department.
Includes problems and very good AP Physics B lab resources

Mainland's Physics Lab: Catherine H. Colwell
Conceptual Physics and AP Physics B resources: review sessions, interactive problem solving, conceptual questions

Explore Physics: Liz Woolard
Raleigh Charter High School
Includes: lecture notes and projects  by topic for AP Physics and IB Physics programs.

Mitchell Johnson from Advanced Technologies Academy
Resources for AP Physics C

Glenbrook High School: PHYSICS
Excellent tutorials from The Physics Classroom, Minds-On-Physics internet modules, Multimedia Studio, miscellanous help, project ideas and quiz room.

Mr. B's Physics Planet
K. Bowles course pages for Honors Physics, AP Physics B and C. Excellent  Concept Inventories and AP Labs.

The Intuitor Page: Mr. Rogers
Southside High School.
Links to 'Why Take Physics in High School' and 'Insultingly Stupid Movie Physics'.

Physics: Peggy E. Schweiger
College prep level lecture notes and problems mostly from Glencoe's Physics and physics projects.